Gender balance

Equality between women and men is one of the EU’s founding values. Since the European Commission’s ERA Communication of 2012, gender equality in research and innovation (R&I) has been strengthened progressively, in particular with the new Framework Programme – Horizon Europe.

The partners involved in the SUPREEMO project have taken dedicated measures to promote equal opportunities between men and women in the implementation of the action and, where applicable, in line with the gender equality plan:

  • The project aims to maintain a representative gender balance in the consortium based on an equal opportunity policy throughout the recruitment stages. Excellence is the foremost selection standard for new team members and initial assessment is conducted regardless of gender.
  • All recruitment campaigns undertaken by the project’s partners will encourage female scientists to apply for open positions.
  • Partners are already committed to gender equality through their respective HR policies. As from the first year of the project all partners will implement gender equality plans which entail:
    i) publication of formal document on the institution’s website and signed by the top management;
    ii) dedicated resources and expertise in gender equality to implement the plan;
    iii) data collection and monitoring on sex/gender and annual reporting;
    iv) training on gender equality and unconscious gender biases for staff and decision-makers.
  • The project will liaise with other projects where related issues exist and actions are developed, with the aim to learn how to stimulate women participation in R&I activities.