Expected impact

The SUPREEMO project will demonstrate at TRL7 an environmentally friendly, safe, flexible, and cost competitive process for the production of targeted Rare Earth Oxides (REOs) for Permanent Magnets (PMs) applications. This will be based on integrated efficient processing technologies to create a sustainable and resilient pre-commercial European Rare Earth Elements (REEs) value chain. The upscaled SUPREEMO process will demonstrate and validate the production of 50-100 kg of permanent magnet treated all the way from ores using European resources.

Leading-edge technologies

The technologies developed in the framework of the SUPREEMO project will pioneer the production of strategic REEs materials from European ores, achieving competitive costs while adhering to all EU environmental and social regulations and standards.

These innovative solutions will play a crucial role in securing strategic sectors and addressing the growing EU demand for REEs driven by the green transition, including applications in wind turbine generators, electric motors, electric mobility and other critical sectors like defence, space industry, robotics, and drones.

The SUPREEMO project will establish an innovative and comprehensive value chain, equipped to overcome all technical challenges associated with REEs production in Europe. Additionally, its success will attract major investment and trust for producing REEs from European ores.

How will the SUPREEMO project shape and influence its surroundings?


Production of high grade REO from low-grade deposits in Europe at competitive cost, compared to current commercial market.

Environmental sustainability

Improve environmental impact by proper management of waste rock, tailing and wastewater, reduction in hazardous waste volume from REE extraction, reuse of process chemicals, the use of waste derived and biomass derived chemicals, automatic process control, exhaust gas cleaning and increase energy efficiency and yield.

Social sustainability

Improve the worker’s health and safety and engage in dialogues between industry, government, academia, and civil society towards acceptance of mining activities for strategic important raw materials.